Aventure Colombia & WildExpedition: Crafting Unique Journeys for the Curious and Creative

Discover a world of adventure with Aventure Colombia and WildExpedition.com, the leaders in customized travel experiences and press trip coordination. With almost twenty years of trailblazing expertise, we have ventured into uncharted territories, proudly hosting the first-ever Lonely Planet journalists in Colombia. Now, we are excited to broaden our horizons and offer unforgettable journeys throughout all of South America.

An Agency Specialized in Audiovisual Excellence

You have an audiovisual project in Colombia? Let Aventure Colombia and WildExpedition turn your vision into vivid reality. With our expertise, your documentary will be more than just a project; it’ll be a journey of compelling storytelling. We handle the logistics; you capture the magic.

Logistics That Liberate Creativity

  • Bespoke Hosting Solutions: From jungle lodges to urban oases, find your perfect stay.
  • Mobility on Your Terms: Access our fleet for vehicle rental and private transportation.
  • Unleash Your Vision: Professional photo, video, drone, and camping gear at your fingertips.

Technical Support That Elevates Your Story

  • Permit Procurement: Navigate legalities for land and drone shooting with ease.
  • Rich Visual Resources: Dive into our extensive image and video bank.

A Network That Knows No Bounds

  • Countrywide Connections: Tap into our reach from five strategic office locations.
  • Cultural Conduits: Engage with local guides and translators for authentic narratives.
  • Tailored Content Counsel: Benefit from in-field advice for content that resonates.
Araracuara Caqueta Colombia @MatBohringer

From concept to creation — let WildExpedition and Aventure Colombia bring your South American narrative to life!